Dios no está muerto

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  1. I watched the movie. From start to finish, it is horrendously hateful garbage populated by terrible people (not of whom behave in any way that real humans do from the professor humiliating his student over his faith, a doctor mocking someone to their face after delivering the news that they will be dead soon, and a man callously dumping his girl after he finds out she was diagnosed with cancer and saying he’s “sorry” that she’ll be dead soon), bigoted stereotypes, and Christians failing to grasp basic Christian concepts…And the end is literally “The only atheist left in the film was just killed in a car accident while all the Christians are at a concert! HAPPY ENDING!”

    There was a point in the Islam subplot where I honestly thought they’d bring honor killing into the mix, it’s that crammed full of hatred. And this shit made tens of millions.

    It doesn’t take an atheist to be angry about this movie. It just takes a basically decent human being.

  2. Maybe you have not experienced being humiliated for your faith but many Christians have. It seems to be the only group that anyone can do that to.
    I personally experienced being ridiculed in a college class for admitting I was a Christian, because the professor made fun of us and ridiculed me just for being a Christian.

    There is no doubt many people are not affected who consider themselves believers, but that is because they don´t speak up and are afraid of this very thing.

    You don´t know what Christians go through because you are not one. This movie reflects reality and if you don´t like the end of it, think a little because if you are not part of God´s kingdom you will experience the same thing when God pours His wrath on the unbelievers.

    So it is good that the movie depicts what the end of the unbeliever will be like. All Hollywood movies, ironically end with the good guys being rewarded and the bad guys being killed. That is not new.

    You say you are not an atheist, so what are you? There are only two camps, either you are for God or you are against Him.

    Meditate on this

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